Ajmer is a small city in Rajasthan. About 380 kms from Delhi and 130 kms from Jaipur, it's known for the dargah of Khaja Ghareeb Nawaz Moinuddin Chisti. So while I was here, Ankur and I visited the dargah, a Jain temple, Foysagar (which is totally dried up these days), Baradari on lake side and Bajrang temple on the hill.

I was unaware of Pushkar's existence except that I knew that a camel trade-fair took place here. But there is seemingly more to it. A huge holy tank with ghats and temples around it sits at the nucleus of Pushkar. Pushkar also boasts of the only Brahma temple in the world (legend has it that Lord Brahma was cursed and he would have only one temple to himself). And then there are streets and buildings and people of Pushkar. The streets are narrow with shops, hotels, homes and temples around. The buildings are amazingly old and worth a look for architecture. And the people are a mix of traditional rajasthani tribes and foreigner tourists. And while Israeli tourists flock the place in hordes, a little charas and ganja wouldn't be too out of place in Pushkar. Often, people love to get lost somewhere.

Pushkar is about 10-12 kms from Ajmer. Actually, as the crow flies, it is barely 2 kms. A hill separates the Pushkar desert from Ajmer plateau. I was at Pushkar only for a couple of hours -- such a shame.

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