Five Highlights

  1. Catching the train to Kathgodam at 'old' Delhi station
  2. Lunch in a guest house at Mukteshwar and nap at Chauthi Jaali
  3. Hike from Mukteshwar to Peora
  4. View of Himalayan mountain range from Peora at dawn
  5. The tree house at Ranikhet

DELHI - KATHGODAM. Ranikhet Express leaves at 2300 from "Old" Delhi station. 7 hours by train. Train fare - Rs. 150. Kathgodam is the last railway station on this route.

MUKTESHWAR. 2286m. 68km from Kathgodam. 2 hours by bus. Bus fare - Rs. 60. Amazing view of the Himalayan range. Cloudy in the months on Jun-Oct. Otherwise, the sight is worth it. Here in a guest house we ate the best lunch in years.

PEORA. 7km from Mukteshwar. 2 hours trekking in hilly terrain. Very beautiful trek and very easy. Not many options to stay in Peora. One resort charges Rs. 2000 per night. So the local rooms around have upped prices to Rs. 400-500 per night. We stayed at Mama's hotel and his balcony has the most amazing view of the Himalayan range possible in that region .

ALMORA. 16km from Peora. Trek and bus will take 2 hours. Bus fare - Rs. 20. Didn't like Almora very much. Small and undity hill station village. May be the places around are nice. We pushed off to Ranikhet.

RANIKHET. 1832m. 51km from Almora. 83km from Kathgodam via another route. 2 hours by jeep. Jeep fare - Rs. 50. Another good view of the Himalayan range. Try if you can play golf in the Army Golf Course. Hehe ;-)

RANIKHET - BHOWALI - KATHGODAM. Bhowali is at 1706m. 83km from Ranikhet to Kathgodam. 3 hours by Jeep. Jeep fare - Rs. 80. The scenery around Bhowali is amazing. See if you can get down to the river that flows along the mountain road.

Nainital (1931m) is very close from Kathgodam, but was skipped for obvious reasons.

KATHGODAM - DELHI - GURGAON. Train leaves for Delhi at 2040. If you dont have reservation, try general compartment at Rs. 75. Otherwise take an uncomfortable bus ride for Rs. 200, which is what we did. Once you reach Delhi, getting to Gurgaon is the same old painful story :-)

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