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Gurgaon - Delhi - Chandigarh - Shimla - Narkanda - Rampur and back


  1. Morning light through the clouds at Narkanda
  2. Afternoon nap in Rampur inn
  3. The alternate route back from Rampur to Narkanda through moutains
  4. Initiating conversation to click portraits, "Yeh Narkanda ka raasta kaun sa hai?"
  5. Lost and got back mobile at Narkanda inn
  6. Rally with Green Maruti 800 (Narkanda - Shimla) and road race with a trailing White Honda CRV (Shimla - Chandigarh)
  7. Stopping in hills with oranges, bananas and Reliance internet connection to check results of F1 qualifying
  8. Shimla looked so touristy ;-)
  9. Stop in Chandigarh for the Monaco GP
  10. 1100 km trip without plans
This travelogue is not about the destinations. It's about the journey! It's about the 1100 kms in 48 hours on a weekend away from Delhi.

The drive was almost unplanned. Panda and I decided we should get out. I think this was our first drive together. It was going to be expensive as it was just two of us in the car. We didn't mind that. I am so glad we didn't mind that. We started late Friday night from Delhi. Reached Chandigarh around 4am, Shimla around 6am and Narkanda around 8am. We drove on and hit Rampur around noon, took a short nap in a random inn and started driving back around 4pm - this time using an alternate narrow route through the hills. We reached Narkanda around 8pm, had dinner and slept.

On Sunday morning, we started driving towards Shimla from Narkanda. This was where we had our little rally with a petite Maruti 800. We reached Shimla around noon and reached Chandigarh early evening, not before having another road race with a white Honda CRV that seemed to swallow everyone else on the road with its pace.

We saw F1 race at Chandigarh and headed back to Delhi.

I only had my 50mm 1.8 lens on this trip. That meant no wide-angle shots. Only portraits. And I will probably remember this trip not for the scenery I saw but for the people I met on the road. Panda and I would, almost aimless, drive through the winding mountainous roads - ah, what a pleasure! And we would stop whenever we met someone on the road and initiate a conversation. My standard pick-up line would be, "Yeh Narkanda ka raasta kaun sa hai?". Once there and talking, the locals wouldn't mind my clicking a picture or two. Panda enjoys driving, I enjoy taking pictures. But I must mention, I don't think I could be as patient with Panda's eccentricity in driving as he is with my craziness in photography. Thanks Panda :-)

Mountain roads, chilly breeze and simple locals with bright clothing and red sun-tanned skin - when I look back at this drive now, it looks so very very charming.

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