My 2012 trip to Chicago in short notes and Instagrams.

Nov 6, Tue

Flew Etihad Airways (EY 205 and EY 151) via Abu Dhabi to land in Chicago on the night Obama got elected to this second term. Quick bite at Chipotle before hitting the bed while people came out on the streets to celebrate before the late night victory speech.

Nov 7, Wed

Walk in downtown Chicago, Chicago riverwalk, magnificent mile. Deep dish pizza at Giordanos.

Nov 8, Thu

Brunch with Aman with at Wildberry Pancakes. Dress shopping at Macy's. Pre-gaming and TNDC at Cuvee.

Nov 9, Fri

Walk around navy pier, Gold Coast, Streeterville, Near North side. Dinner with Bedi, Goyal and Khushboo at sushi place Kamehachi. Night bus to Omaha.

Nov 10-13, Sat-Tue

Visited Sufyaan in Omaha

Nov 14, Wed

Back in Chicago. Sick day #2. Ben Afflect movie marathon. #1 Argo.

Nov 15, Thu

Sick day #3. Movie marathon continues with #2 Gone Baby Gone and and #3 The Town

Nov 16, Fri

Millennium Park. Fri prayers at Devon Ave. Lunch with Sufyaan at Hyderabad House. Michigan Ave shopping @gap with Lubna. Tribune building has interesting stones from all over the world. Drink and Dance party at Manas' apt.

Nov 17, Sat

Visit to Booth's Gleacher campus. Walk in N Rush St, Old Town. Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Dinner with Sufyaan and Junaid at Hyderabad House.

Nov 18, Sun

Brunch with Vinayak and Golbahar at Eggies. Shopping @Banana Republic. Coffee with Karan at Argo. House Party at Gudiya's apartment.

Nov 19, Mon

Art institute Chicago. Edouard Manet. Claude Monet. Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Paul Signac. Henri-Edmond Cross. Georges Seurat. Vincent Van Gogh. Paul Gauguin. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Camille Pissarro. Paul Cezanne. Pablo Picasso. Georges Braque. Henri Matisse. Ludwig Meidner. Max Beckmann. Fernand Leger. Jackson Pollock. Andy Warhol. Alex Katz. David Hockney. Grant Wood.

Nov 20, Tue

Boat tour. Modernist, post modernist. Art Deco. Greco roman. B something. Walk from MPP to Lincoln Park. Sandwiches at Old Jerusalem in old town. Movie 'Lincoln' at AMC.

Nov 21, Wed

University of Chicago.

Nov 22-24, Thu-Sat

Thanks Giving weekend at Niagara Falls

Nov 25, Sun

Lazy Sunday

Nov 26, Mon

Biking in Chicago

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