Mehzi and Ali's wedding took me to the heart of India - drumroll - Dewas. Now it would be some serious crime to go all the way to Dewas and not visit the ruins of Mandu. So I added an extra day to the trip to visit this ghost city. Mandu was the capital of Malwa, a 15th and 16th century kingdom ruled by the Ghuri and Khilji dynasties before it became a subah of the Mughal empire. Mandu sat on the crest of Vindhyas, overlooking the plateau of Malwa to the north and valley of Narmada to the south.

The Rulers of Mandu

Dilawar Khan, 1401-06
Husam-ud-Din Hoshang Shah, 1406-32
Taj-ud-Din Muhammad Shah I, 1432-36

THE KHILJI DYNASTY (1436 - 1531)
Ala-ud-Din Mahmud Shah I, 1436-69
Ghiyas-ud-Din Shah, 1469-1500
Nasir-ud-Din Shah, 1500-10
Shihab-ud-Din Mahmud Shah II, 1510-31

Bahadur Shah (Sultan of Gujarat), 1531-37
Humayun (Mughal emperor), 1535-36

Qadir Shah, 1537-42
Shuja'at Khan (Governor of Sher Shah Suri), 1542-55
Baz Bahadur, 1555-61

Jahaz Mahal and Roopmati Mahal

Lal Bagh complex, Darya Khan's tomb and other monuments

Asharfi Mahal, Hoshang Shah's tomb and Jami Masjid

A foodie's late night in Indore

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