My visit to Omaha in short notes and Instagrams.

Day 1 - L and I took and overnight bus from Chicago to Omaha to visit Sufyaan. It was a fabulous day in high 70s.

After his cricket match, Sufyaan marinated some chicken for BBQ and we drove to Lake Zoronsky with a few friends. Slanting warm light, gentle breeze, soft waves on the lakeshore and tender juicy chicken cooked on hot charcoal made it a gorgeous evening. But nothing beats hugging your brother after a couple of years.
Later that evening, we hit the Old Market in downtown Omaha for some ice-cream. The wavy pedestrian bridge across Missouri river took us from Nebraska to Iowa (that feeling of literally being in two places at once?)
Day 2 - The weather on Sunday wasn't very kind. A steep drop in temperature from 75 to 15 meant that we stayed indoors all the time.

Breakfast, poker, shopping at the mall, coffee, games at Dave & Busters, and dinner buffet at an Indian restaurant .. and the day just flew by.

The night was freezing cold. L took a bus back to Chicago for her Monday morning class.

Day 3 - Another cold day in Omaha. Walked around in the mall and had lunch with Sufyaan. Went down with flu in the evening.
Day 4 - Sucks to fall ill on vacation. Spent most of the day in bed. Sufyaan shelved any plans to a national park or a trip to Kansas City. Some other time, perhaps a summer, to explore the midwest.

Took the evening flight back to Chicago. The only interesting moments of the day were seeing Omaha and Chicago from the aeroplane window. And I was glad I was getting back to L's hot soups and khichdi.

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