In the summer of 2002, a bunch of guys were put together to organise a college fest. Never imagined I'd continue to hangout with them (and their wives and kids!) for another dozen years.

Day 1.

This trip was our group's reunion. We managed bring 12 guys (out of 19) together! We were joined by 6 wives and 3 kids. Abhishek booked a lovely farmhouse near Awas beach and we drove from Bombay to Alibag on a Friday afternoon.

Day 2.

Meat shopping, cooking, lunch.

Pool, ball, beverages.

Mafia, poker, scotland yard.

Pool, dumb charades.

Truth or dare, rains.

Day 3.

Beach, ball, beverages.

Pool, rains, beverages.

Cooking, lunch.

What a blur of a weekend.

Driving back to Bombay.

Datta vada pav.

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